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How to Know if You Have Hearing Loss

For most people, hearing loss doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it’s gradual, slowly getting worse over the years. This gradualness can be deceiving, and can cause many people to be unsure that what they’re experiencing is really hearing loss. 

Hearing tests are the definitive way to measure hearing loss

The best way to determine for sure if you have hearing loss is to test and measure it.

  • You can start by using our hearing screening. This short, simple screening tool is easy to use, and you can do it from home on your computer or smart tablet.

  • You can also try our hearing loss simulator. This interactive tool demonstrates what hearing loss sounds like — from mild hearing loss to severe, and in a variety of situations and environments. The most accurate hearing tests are done in office

To get an accurate hearing measurement, however, a visit to our office is recommended. Here we have the proper equipment, calibrated testing tools and sound-proof facility needed to measure your hearing with precision. 

Tests we recommend:

  • Pressure test to check the flexibility of your eardrum (and its ability to transmit sound).
  • Tone test to measure how softly you can hear tones of different pitches (which will be charted on an audiogram).
  • Speech test where you are asked to repeat words and/or sentences you hear at different volumes.

We’ll display the results of your test in an audiogram, which accurately charts the type, degree and configuration of your hearing loss.

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